Courses: Illinois LTC Certification

Illinois Long-Term Care Certification Catalog

Training Requirements

Initial Certification Requirement:

Initial 8-hour NAIC long term care training course

Resident Producers:

Updated February 2014: Illinois now allows resident producers to take an Illinois 8-hour NAIC LTC course, or they may take an 8-hour NAIC LTC course from another state to fulfill Illinois' requirements.

Non-Resident Producers:

Illinois has adopted training reciprocity for non-resident producers. This means that non-resident producers may take the Illinois LTC course or they may take an 8-hour NAIC LTC course from another state.

Refresher Certification Training:

Missed Renewal Illinois requires a 4-hour course be completed every renewal cycle. This training requirement is for both resident and non-resident producers. Effective February 2014 - Illinois resident producers who fail to complete refresher training within 12 months of the end of the renewal period must repeat initial 8 hour training before selling or soliciting LTC insurance.

What do the Version A and Version B mean?

LTC renewal training must be completed every 2 years. Most states will not allow the same CE course to be repeated during a single compliance period or the subsequent compliance period. In an effort to ensure you can always earn CE for our programs, we provide two versions of the 4 hour that you can alternate between. To avoid any limitations in your resident license state, we strongly advise that you alternate between versions in order to ensure you can earn CE credit towards your license renewal. Please refer to your continuing education transcript to see which course you have taken within your current compliance period. If you are still unsure about which course to take, check your history under "My Courses" or contact us and our friendly staff will help guide you on what to select.

If you have never taken a course with us before or if your last course was completed in the classroom, choose Version A.