Courses: Indiana LTC Certification

Indiana Long-Term Care Certification Catalog

Training Requirements

Initial Certification Requirement:

LTC - Complete an 8 hour basic long term care course. The course may be self-study or online.
Partnership -  Producer must comply with the above and complete a 7-hour Partnership LTC course. This course is a one-time course, in-classroom only.

Non-Resident Producers:

LTC - The basic 8 hour and 5 hour renewal requirements are waived for producers holding an IN non-resident license if Indiana has licensing reciprocity with that state.
Partnership - The 7 hour IN Partnership CE requirement is required for Non-Resident producers.

Refresher Certification Training:

Missed Renewal After completing the initial 8 hour course, complete a minimum of 5 hours (one 5 hour course or combination of 5 hours) of continuing education in LTC every 2 years of the renewal period. Courses can be self-study or online. Note: Non-compliance with the 5 hour renewal requirement will require completion of the 8 hour basic LTC class again.