Coronavirus and Continuing Education

LTC Connection

Our company and staff continue to operate at full and normal capacity. As it has for everyone else, COVID-19 has forced our business to adapt. We are fortunate to be an internet-based business, and have already completed a smooth transition of our entire staff to the relative safety of a work-from-home operation. Though this is a time of great uncertainty, we do not anticipate any disruptions in our ability to provide you with our same high standards of customer support and CE coursework.

Your State CE Impact

The ever-growing response to the virus is causing widespread disruption, and state governments are affected along with everyone else. Some of these effects may be troublesome, but LTC Connection is here to help you navigate the impact on your continuing education and licensing requirements. You should expect that government offices might temporarily adjust their hours, or their capacity to process credits may be reduced. Other effects may prove beneficial to students. For instance, some states are extending their renewal deadlines while others are considering a temporary removal of proctor requirements in accordance with the CDC's guidance towards physical distancing. Many states and carriers are encouraging licensees to take advantage of this time to complete their CE.

The team here at LTC Connection is keeping in close contact with all of the state Departments of Insurance, and we will be regularly updating our individual catalogs - as well as this page - with any and all important changes to your CE requirements.

Please review the list of states below to see if and how your state may currently be impacted.


The Arizona Department of Insurance has waived their normal proctor requirement, until further notice. A proctor is no longer required to be present during your exam. You will instead need to electronically sign an Affidavit of Personal Responsibility, and that affidavit will be completed online as part of your final exam.


In March 2020, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (Department) issued guidance to education providers suspending in-person education courses and prohibiting the use of proctors in a face-to-face setting. In-person classroom education resumed on May 14, 2021. Providers must adhere to all guidance and safety orders issued by Governor Tom Wolf, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention related to in person operations in the Commonwealth.

In order to adhere to safety restrictions and make social distancing easier, the Department will continue to allow virtual proctors in lieu of the face-to-face requirement.  If a virtual proctor is not feasible, the proctor requirement will be eliminated for all approved online courses.


The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation has temporarily removed the normal proctoring requirement for students taking online courses.  Until this emergency has abated, a proctor is no longer required to be present during your exam. Students must instead print out and sign the Continuing Education Attestation of Personal Responsibility Form, which will be provided to you along with your exam. This form requires individuals to attest that they have not received outside assistance while completing the online course exam.

Last Updated: 08/01/2022