Colorado Long-Term Care Certification (LTC)

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View Details 8 Hour Colorado General LTC Mandatory Training 8 $59.00

8 HOUR PARTNERSHIP: In addition to the 8 hour General LTC course, Colorado agents must also take the Colorado Partnership 8 hour course which must be taken in the classroom. LTC Connection does not currently have any instructors with a scheduled 8 Hour Partnership classroom course. If you need a class quickly, please go to to find the 8 Hour Partnership portion from an alternate provider.

5 HOUR LTC RENEWAL: Colorado only allows the refresher course to be taken in the classroom or via webinar. Please go to Live Training in the menu to register for the 5 Hour LTC Ongoing Training.

Training Requirements

Initial Certification Requirement: Initial 16-hour training course consisting of 8-hours of general LTC training (can be taken in a classroom or online); and 8-hours of training specific to LTC Partnership (classroom only). The courses can be taken in any order.
Resident Producers: Colorado requires resident producers take both of the 8 hour courses mentioned above. They may not take an 8-hour NAIC Partnership course from another state.
Non-Resident Producers: Please check with your carrier to determine if an 8 hour NAIC Partnership course from another state will suffice for the two 8 hour courses mentioned above. An 8-hour Partnership class from one of the original four Partnership states will not suffice.
Refresher Certification Training: Colorado requires a 5-hour course every 24 months that must be taken in a classroom setting.
In 2012, Colorado passed legislation allowing Colorado resident producers to take their required courses via online webinar.
Non-Residents: Please check with your carrier to determine if they will require the 5 hour class from Colorado or will accept your 4 hour training from another state